Each Baird & Baird handbag is a special treasure. Since 1999, we have been hand-selecting each exotic skin and each piece of unique purse jewelry to create yet another perfect, timeless handbag. We use such rich, luxurious skins as American alligator, ostrich, crocodile, lizard, python and stingray. Our skilled craftsmen carefully dye each flawless piece to one of our luscious custom colors and meticulously hand-stitch each bag to its feminine, classic shape. Distinctive hardware, such as a hand-carved turquoise clip, a silk tassel or a shell handle, is selected to gracefully adorn each bag. We also offer a variety of beautiful hardware, making our exquisite handbags more versatile for your individual taste and sophisticated lifestyle. With the switch of a cameo for a rhinestone clip, your Baird & Baird bag will take you from a luncheon with friends to an evening cocktail party. We hope you enjoy your elegant Baird & Baird handbag with as much pleasure as we have designing them.

Now that you have invested in a beautiful, high quality Baird & Baird handbag, we know you will want to keep it in excellent condition. Here are a few tips for making your timeless handbag withstand the test of time:

  • When not using your handbag, please store it in the soft Baird & Baird bag you received with your handbag and storing it with the tissue inserts that also came with your handbag will help maintain the bag's shape.
  • If you would like to polish or dust your handbag, please use a dry, soft cloth. Do not use any household products on your handbag.
  • Avoid exposing your handbag to excessive moisture, heat or light. Rain or excessive humidity can cause the skin's finish to dull and even to buckle. Hot, dry conditions may result in cracking, and prolonged exposure to sunlight may cause fading. If your handbag gets wet, gently wipe off any excess water with a soft, dry cloth and dry it naturally, without sunlight or heat.
  • Avoid contact with skin creams, perfumes and other beauty products. The oils and acids in these products may affect the skin's luster.